How to Brand and Market to Generation X

There’s a lot of buzz about the best ways to market to millennials, but how about the demographic directly above them? Folks born roughly between the late 1960s-1980 make up the group known as “Generation X,” nicknamed “the lost generation.” While they are the smallest demographic, don’t write them off—as the generation who values brand loyalty, it’s worthwhile to market to this group. Not to mention, they generate 31% of the total U.S. income. To help you determine the best ways to brand and market to Generation X, we’ve compiled a few strategic ways to successfully target this key demographic.

Go Digital

Don’t be fooled. Generation Xers may be older than millennials, but they’ve gone digital along with their younger counterparts. Recent reports show that over 80% of Gen Xers spend time online, and it’s estimated that 52.8 billion Gen Xers are active on social media. Additionally, Gen Xers are more likely to be influenced by traditional forms of digital marketing, like email campaigns, than millennials or Boomers. Gen X is constantly on their email for either work or family related matters, so e-blasts and strategic email marketing campaigns should take priority. Gen Xers have also been shown to embrace video content. An estimated 78.7% of them download or stream online videos at least once a day, so it would be smart to integrate video content into your digital marketing strategy.

Utilize Nostalgia

Gen Xers enjoy nostalgia, and they engage with content that reminds them of their past. In fact, 75% of Gen Xers watch nostalgic YouTube videos. Businesses can use Gen Xers’ fascination with yesteryear to their advantage by incorporating nostalgic content and other marketing materials into their strategies. Showcasing older music, films, or symbols from earlier times can be an effective way to get the attention of this demographic.

Consider Coupons

Generation X took the hit of the 2008 recession right when they were beginning their professional lives. Financial security is critical to them, and they want to save money whenever possible. They also want products that make their lives easier and offering coupons is a great way to showcase how your product or service can help them do both. It may come as a shock, but direct mail has been proven successful with Generation Xers. People in this age group still check their mail every day, and they’re still influenced by special offers and discounts. If you’re only able to offer a special deal through direct mail, focus on targeting those in this age group.

To ignore the Generation X demographic would be a big mistake for your business. While they may not be large, they’re powerful, and they have money to spend. When done properly, marketing to the Gen X demographic can have great results for your business. If you’d like to discuss your marketing efforts in more depth, feel free to reach out to us to start the conversation.