With more than three decades of combined experience, our veteran communication advisors can provide counsel and strategic direction on virtually every facet of your company's corporate communication program including:


Communication Functions


  • Structure a communication department within an organization​
  • Outline an efficient department framework
  • Define necessary roles and responsibilities



Company Vision

  • Create and develop overall corporate vision and strategy
  • Craft messages for external audiences: media, analysts and investors
  • Develop supporting materials


C-Level Communication


  • Coach executive team on speech development and delivery
  • Support special circumstance communication projects
  • Provide support on issues relating to unexpected development



Investor Relations

  • Develop a multi-tiered investor relations strategy
  • Identify strategies and techniques to reach investors
  • Coordinate between media and investor relations


Media Relations

  • Develop the overall media strategy
  • Identify and reach out to targeted media
  • Prepare spokespeople for media interviews

Analyst Relations

  • Develop the overall analyst strategy
  • Identify and reach out to selected analysts
  • Prepare for analyst meetings


Trade Show and Conference Management

  • Identification of strategically relevant trade shows and conferences
  • Development and planning to maximize trade show exposure
  • Organization and on-site support of trade show/conference activities
  • Participation analysis and conference wrap-up

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