Get Your Message Heard! A Press Release Primer

Your business is just like you: unique.

But, whether you are offering customized services, innovative products, or are carving out an industry niche all your own, your bottom line relies on one universal thing: pulling in customers.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. How can you build buzz around your brand? How can you get your name out there? Most importantly, how can you build a reliable customer base? A press release might just be the answer!

A properly aimed and well-written press release can be a powerful first step in establishing your brand and your business. Read on for a press release primer from the publicity gurus at Communication Insights.


Get To It!

You might be wondering, what exactly makes for a “good” press release?

The simple answer? Being direct.

From a content perspective, an effective press release is written with a set of stylistic guidelines in mind. In general, you’ll want to craft a brief message, one that reads much like a news story or article.

Most importantly, you’ll want to be concise while taking extra care to put your overall message front and center. It is likely that the person reading your release (and potentially publicizing it!) will skim it, searching for key points. Make them easy to find!


Just The Facts

As part of writing a newspaper style article, you can boost the power of a press release by throwing in hard facts, statistics, or numbers.

While this might sound like homework, putting in data about your products or services (reviews, ratings, notable customers etc.) lends tremendous credibility to your overall message.

Best of all, grounded facts or short testimonials in your press release are both the perfect springboard for future publicity.


Proper Voice

It’s no secret: your brand and company are reflections of you, filled with your “voice.”

When writing a press release, it can be helpful to keep this voice in mind. While your goal should be to create an easy to read and informative “article,” throwing in your brand’s unique personality can go a long way towards making your press release memorable.

The important thing here is to be mindful of tone. If you’re a dog walker or ice-cream company, for example, your press release should convey a slightly lighthearted attitude. In a more “serious” business? Take special care to let your audience see your professionalism!


Be Specific

The last tip? Make your press release count!

While it might be tempting to fire of your handcrafted press release to every news and media outlet you can think of, thoughtful distribution is much more effective. Target your release to those outlets (magazines, TV stations, radio networks etc.) that reach your intended customer base.

Think of it this way. When you draw in customers, you are joining a network of people interested in what your business has to offer. These people probably have things in common, outside of their possible interest in you. Why not join them?


Get Help From A PR Expert

Excited about getting your message to the right audience? If you are ready to take the next steps for business success, hiring a public relations expert might be the best move.

At Communication Insights, founder Kathryn Lancioni has the tools, techniques, and industry experience to give your business the attention it deserves. With a holistic approach to all things PR, media, and communication, Communication Insights can help take your business, brand, or products to the next level.


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